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In the workplace:

  • 70% of women are in the workforce but 60% are in low-paying, minimal-benefit jobs.
  • In no State does a full-time, minimum-wage job enable most families to pay fair market rent for a moderate two-bedroom apartment.
  • Full-time female workers made 72% of what their male counterparts made.
  • Women doctors earn only $0.62 for every dollar a male doctor earns. (Patricia Braus, American Demographics, November 1994)
  • Women make up 15.7% of corporate officers at top 500 firms, and 21% of the current President's Cabinet.
  • Women owned/run businesses generate in excess of $4 trillion in annual revenues.
  • Women own 26% of the 21 million companies and employee 9.2 million workers.
  • 23% of women out-earn their husbands.
  • Annual income in households headed by women grew 29% from 1993 to 2000.
  • Women make up only 25% of executives in the entertainment, cable and internet fields.
  • Fewer than 1 in 5 of the tenured faculty members at the nation's four-year public and private universities are women.
  • The majority of entering law students is women yet only 15% of judges and law firm partners are women; 5% of managing partners of large firms are women.
  • Only 5% of artists exhibited in museums are women (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)

Basic Economics

  • The average woman's standard of living drops 45% in the year following a divorce, while a man's rises 15%.
  • The average woman's 401(k) is $11,000 compared to $25,000 for men.
  • 75% of all elderly Americans in poverty are women.
  • 85% of homeless families are headed by single mothers raising their children alone. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)

Young Women and Girls

  • Between 30-50% of female high school students report having already experienced teen dating violence. 81% of eighth graders through eleventh graders have experienced some form of sexual harassment.
  • Of 11-to-14 year old girls, 41% believe forced sex is acceptable if the boy "spent a lot of money" on the girl. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)

Violence Against Women

  • In a 1997 national survey, 24% of women between the ages of 18 and 65 had experienced domestic violence, 37% of whom reported that this abuse had an impact on their work performance.
  • Domestic violence cause 56% of them to be late for work at least five times a month, 27% to leave early at least four days a month, and 54% to miss at least three days of work a month. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)

In Government

  • 11,496 people have served in Congress since the founding of the country. Of those people, only 226 have been female.
  • There are presently 14 female senators of 100 and 62 congresswomen out of 435.
  • Only 8 of the States have a woman as Governor. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)



An Ambassador for World Leadership Day in the United States of America , is the Founder and Chair of 50/50 Leadership, a nonprofit promoting women's equal leadership, and publishes the monthly women's issues emagazine, The Equality Standard. A consultant, executive coach and the former COO of International FieldWorks, Inc., a global management consulting agency, she is widely published on business practices and management skills, has appeared on a number of radio and television shows. She created and served as a Commissioner for the City of Glendale Commission on the Status of Women, was appointed to the City of Glendale 's Charter Review Committee, and has served on many nonprofit Boards. To support leadership growth, Pauline wrote a new book, Feisty & Fearless: Nice Girls CAN Be Leaders. Pauline believes that to be effective, we need to reach inside ourselves and realize that just as mothers would walk in front of a bus to save their child, so we each can find a similar passion and commitment that pushes us onward removing fear and doubt so we simply do what we know to be right. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)


KathiLena Johnson, President of 50/50 Leadership, has been a healthcare professional for over 25 years. She holds a master's degree in Leadership and Organizational Development and she is a doctoral candidate (EdD) at Grand Canyon University. Her field of study is Organizational Management with an Emphasis in Health Care Administration. She is expected to complete her course work in February 2017. In addition to her graduate studies, KathiLena is also a graduate of the 50/50 2013 Leadership Circle. KathiLena shares the vision and compassion of the organization to empower young women because as a child she shared similar experiences of abuse and abandonment. She is determined to help as many young women to avoid the pitfalls of addictions and sexual promiscuity that she fell into by sharing her story of victory, providing resourceful life tools, and mentoring and encouraging them along their journey. Outside of her profession and 50/50 Leadership, KathiLena shares her encouraging testimony in California State Prisons, Prototype Women's Facility and in the Care and Counseling Ministry at her local church. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)


Laura's career projects have been geared toward promoting education and conveying information to female and minority audiences. As the PSA Program Coordinator at Women In Film, a non-profit organization that promotes Women in the Film industry, she served as primary staff liaison to Women In Film's seven Committees: Business Affairs, Fundraising, Distribution, Personnel, Resources, Marketing and Submissions. While at Women In Film, Laura wrote and directed "Get Tech Kids," a Public Service Announcement for the U.S. Department of Commerce. The PSA was designed to encourage American youth, particularly girls and minorities, to study math and science in order to qualify for careers in Information Technology. The PSA debuted in Washington, D.C. and was later broadcast nationwide during various shows including "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." "Get Tech Kids" went on to win multiple awards for its creativity.

As the Director of Marketing at Mariela Communications, a marketing and advertising agency that specialized in the Hispanic market, she wrote and directed the commercial for the California Nutrition Network's Bone Health Program. The result was a 32% increase in sales of 1% milk in the Hispanic market during the three month campaign, and a total of 66% increase after one year. To keep her production skills sharp she also creates projects that she considers labors of love -small pro bono projects for friends with small businesses. Laura has created music videos, corporate videos, internet and cable broadcast commercials as well as tribute videos for 50/50 Leadership's Women of the World events.

Laura holds a Master's Degree in Communication Studies and a Bachelor's Degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting from California State University Los Angeles. As a student she achieved the following scholastic awards and distinctions:

  • 1st Female to Graduate from CSULA's Communications Studies Graduate Program
  • CSULA Special Recognition in Graduate Studies, 2 years
  • CSULA Alumni Certificate of Honor
  • CSULA Journal of Graduate Studies (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)


Barry Allen is the Founder of Vanguardians , a non-profit focused on bringing accountability to the public sector. Soon to be taken nationwide, his accomplishments include saving the City of Glendale, California $41million in unnecessary expenses and cleaner, more open City Council Elections. Mr. Allen also served as a lobbyist. He was the founding C.E.O. of International FieldWorks, a hybrid management consultancy, is on the Board of Directors for Omni Broadcasting, a public company, and recently served as the Vice President of Business Development for RxDispense, Inc. Barry's background includes the startup, turnaround and management of businesses in Michigan and California . For many years he was the Deputy Director of Civil Defense in Southfield, Michigan , while owning, operating and building a multi-million dollar Physical and Electronic Security corporation. Mr. Allen was the youngest Private Investigator in the state of Michigan , built his company from a startup to an enterprise with over a thousand employees. Barry created the first national trade association and became a lobbyist for the industry.

Barry managed a Los Angeles business talk radio station, and is a sought after resource for editors and writers of the major news media in Southern California . He has hosted successful business talk radio shows on stations in Southern California and Arizona and is widely published. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)


Ria is an Executive Development Consultant, a certified mediator and licensed psychotherapist (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 24650). She has served executives and employees from major Los Angeles corporations and law firms for over 20 years. She brings to 50/50 Leadership her genuine and direct style. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)


Shilpa Shah will be serving the role of a Treasurer. Shilpa has been passionate about empowering women to reach their infinite potential. As a form of gratitude, she feels strongly about giving back to the community and has volunteered for Special Olympics, Tournament of Roses float decorating, and Temple City School District.

Shilpa was born and raised in Kenya and received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from England. She resides in California and is a licensed CPA in the state. She began her career in public accounting working for the big 4 accounting firm where she was responsible for financial and compliance audits for various industries. She then moved to healthcare and has spent the last 16 years performing various roles such as financial management, project management, compliance and risk management.

Shilpa's diverse cultural background has provided her with the awareness of how important providing leadership skills to women is. In her spare time, you can find her practicing alternative medicine, real estate investing, cooking, dancing and working on crafts. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)



Ellen Snortland is a published author, broadcase and print journalist, performer, writing coach, and entrepreneur. Her book, Beauty Bites Beast: Awakening the Warrior Within Women and Girls, has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese and will shortly be published in Hebrew.

An avid self-defense advocate, Ellen teaches IMPACT Foundation's full impact training and is currently creating a movie about the necessity for women and girls to learn about self defense.

For every woman who has not had access to a dignified salary, there is a man forced to bear the economic responsibility of another human being. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)


Edy Rose-Berens is an educator, fine artist, interior designer and color therapist. She has taught Fiber Optic Lighting Design, creating the first such curriculum for the Los Angeles Unified School District . She has also taught Function Art and interior Design as well as English as a Second Language (ESL). Edy has worked with children and adults of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Her interior design has been widely published and showcased and her fine art has been shown at the Pacific Design Center . She currently teaches art at the Children's Institute in Los Angeles as well as classes at her private studio. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)

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